Sandusky Cat Boarding

Here at Weaver’s Kountry Kennels and Luxury Kondos, we are known primarily for our dog boarding services. For our feline clients, we have recently added Kat Kondos.

The Kat Kondos are located in the lower portion of our home, away from the noise of the dogs. We have found the cats do extremely well boarding in this separate environment. The Kondos are approximately 18” X 24” X 48” high. Each Kondo has 3 levels, with individual beds and play toys. The levels are covered in soft artificial fleece, with ramps leading to each level. Litter boxes are located on the lowest level for privacy.

All cat boarders must have all shot/immunization records in writing from their veterinarian prior to checking in. Space for cats is limited, please reserve ahead.

Kat Kondos: $10.00 per day

If needed, medication can be administered at a charge of $2.00 per medication.

If you prefer your cat stay at home, we can provide a daily home service which includes: feeding, fresh water, and litter box cleaning.

Services are $20.00 per ½ half hour, plus $1.00 per mile over 10 miles from our facility.

Medications can be administered at the standard charge of $2.00 per medication.